Erasmus Mobility

For all Erasmus incoming students during the academic year 2021-2022 please note that since May 2019, following merging of the Alexander Technological Institute with the International Hellenic University, the prior Civil Engineering Department has been replaced with a new Environmental Engineering Department. Therefore, the Civil/Environmental Engineering Department is currently going through a transition period where by no new civil engineering students are being enrolled but the already enrolled students are continuing the courses according to the civil engineering syllabus. This means that in the following academic year (2021-2022)  you may choose to take all courses of the Environmental Engineering Degree Syllabus (see attachment) that correspond to semesters 1 to 6 which will be taught instead of the civil engineering courses.

Course Syllabus

Please contact the Environmental Engineering Department’s Erasmus Academic Coordinator, Dr. Fani Antoniou ( for any questions related to available courses during your proposed semester of mobility.


Prof. Dimitris Konstantinidis

Head of Environmental Engineering Department

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