Environmental Chemistry & Ecology Laboratory

Laboratory responsible: Sofia Galinou-Mitsoudi, Professor


The laboratory aim is the education, and scientific research of the Undergraduate Study Program of the Department of Environmental Engineering, the Postgraduate and Doctoral research in the subject of the natural and anthropogenic environment, in the physicochemical-biological processes, in all fields of Ecology (e.g. .organismal, population, biocommunities, ecosystems), biodiversity, organisms, the pollution effect on ecosystems and organisms, climate change and environmental protection.


The Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry & Ecology is under construction in an area of 50 m2.2.

The objectives of Ecology for study & research are currently supported in a space of 15 m22 while part of them is hosted in the Soil Mechanics Laboratory.

Laboratory & Technical Infrastructure

The laboratory equipment includes:

  • An Olympus stereoscope,
  • Two Zeiss microscopes, one for research with camera and PC,
  • Three digital scales, one analytical
  • Heating plate,
  • Vacuum system.

Additional equipment is available at the Soil Mechanics Laboratory:

  • Owen,
  • Granulometry with a series of sieves,
  • System for cutting and grinding limestone materials,
  • Instruments for sampling and field measurements such as van Veen grap, Sechii disk).

In the framework of the research activities of the Laboratory, a Doctoral Thesis and a Master's Diploma are prepared.

Published work in peer-reviewed international scientific journals in the period 2020-2022 that mainly contributed significantly to the recording of Greek and Cypriot biodiversity::

Mbazios G., Kontadakis C., Galinou-Mitsoudi S.+, Manousis Th., 2020. New gastropod records for the Mediterranean and the Hellenic Seas. Xenophora Taxonomy 27: 34-58.

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Manousis Th., A. Porfyris G. Mbazios, G. Zaminos, C.Kontadakis, S. Galinou-Mitsoudi+, 2020, New bivalve occurrences for the Mediterranean and the Hellenic Seas. Xenophora Taxonomy, 29 (Supplément n° 171): 1-15. 

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Manousis T., M. Tisselli, S. Galinou-Mitsoudi, 2022.  Description of Odostomia widmeri spec. nov. (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Pyramidellidae) from the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Xenophora Taxonomy, 36 (July 2022): 69-72

Kolokotronis D., Th. Manousis, S. Galinou-Mitsoudi, 2022. The Marine Mollusca οf Cyprus (By October 2022): An Up-To-Date, Systematic Catalogue, Documented With Bibliographic αnd Pictorial References. European Journal of Zoology, 1(1): 1-15. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24018/ejzoo.2022.1.1.12


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