Laboratory Manager: Socrates Mentekides, L.T.S.


The Computer Laboratory is the computing isle of the Department of Environmental Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering of the IHU at the University of Sindos Campus, which operates on a daily basis to meet the educational needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students.


The computer laboratory is located on the 1st floorο of the old buildings of the Alexandria Campus of the IHU Alexandria Campus in Sindos, Thessaloniki, in the main corridor above the secretariat offices of the Department of Environmental Engineering and includes:

  1. The PC isle,
  2. Office area,
  3. Warehouse


The computer lab is used to support the teaching of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate curriculum, but it is also offered to the students of the Department at other times to carry out exercises, work on assignments and scientific research. Specifically, the services provided by the laboratory include:

  1. use of office applications (e.g. MS office)
  2. Use of the internet ( web, ftp & email),
  3. Use of educational programs installed on computers for educational or research purposes,
  4. Printing of assignments or texts, etc.
  5. Ability to support seminars, presentations and laboratory exercises,
  6. Possibility of individual work (e.g. thesis/postgraduate thesis, research, etc.)

Laboratory equipment

The computer laboratory equipment is adequate and suitable for educational and research work by staff and students of the department and includes:

  1. 25 i5 class PCs, with flat screens
  2. 1 A4 laser printer,
  3. 1 scanner,
  4. 2 projectors,
  5. 1 Xerox photocopier
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