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The Erasmus+ programme for higher education funds the mobility of students at all stages of their studies for either study or work placements, teachers for teaching and staff for training in universities in EU countries.

Within the framework of the ERASMUS+ Programme, the Department cooperates with the following 31 foreign educational institutions in 13 countries for student mobility for studies, and the list is constantly enriched with new partnerships.


Country University / Institution Erasmus Code
1 Belgium Universite De Liege B LIEGE01
2 Cyprus Frederick University Cyprus CY NICOSIA 23
3 Czech Republic VSB – Technicka Univerzita Ostraba CZ OSTRAVA01
4 Germany Fachhochschule Regensburg D REGENSB 02
5 Spain Universidad de Almeria E ALMERIA 01
6 Spain Universidad de Cadiz E CADIZ 01
7 Spain Universidad de Cordoba E CORDOBA 01
8 Spain Universidad de Huelva E HUELVA 01
9 Spain Universidad de Jaen E JAEN 01
10 Estonia Tallinn College of Engineering EE TALLINN 06
11 France FESIA, Angers F ANGERS 08
12 France CY Cergy Paris Universite F CERGY-P11
13 France Universite de Cergy-Pontoise  F CERGY 07
14 France Universite de Nantes F NANTES01
15 France CESI F PARIS 335
16 France Université de technologie de Troyes (UTT) F TROYES08
17 Italy Universita Di Messina I MESSINA 01
18 Lithuania Aleksandras Stulginskis University (ASU), LT KAUNAS 05
19 Lithuania Klaipeda State College LT KLAIPED 09
20 Portugal Instituto Politecnico de Braganca P BRAGANC 01
21 Portugal Instituto Politecnico de Coimbra P COIMBRA 02
22 Portugal Polytechnic Institute of Guarda P GUARDA 01
23 Portugal Instituto Politecnico de Lisboa – Portugal P LISBOA 05
24 Poland Poznan University of Life Sciences- Poland PL POZNAN 04
25 Poland Warsaw University of Technology Department of Environmental Engineering, Warsaw, Poland PL WARSAW 02
26 Poland Wroclaw University of Environmental & Life Sciences, Poland PL WROCLAW 04
27 Romania 1 Decembrie 1918 University, Alba Iulia – Romania RO ALBAIU 01
28 Serbia The Academy of Applied Technical Studies Belgrade RS BELGRAD24
29 Turkey Istanbul Technical  University, Turkey TR ISTANBU 04
30 Turkey Nisantasi Universitesi, Turkey TR ISTANBU 45
31 Turkey Dokuz Eylul University TR IZMIR01

The Department hosts students from foreign universities every year through the Erasmus+ programme, offering all undergraduate and postgraduate courses in English. In particular, for incoming Erasmus+ students to attend courses of the postgraduate programme, the agreement of the Departmental Assembly is required, following the recommendation of the Erasmus Academic Coordinator. The course syllabus is available here

Incoming Students from Turkey

Incoming Teaching Staff

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