Lab Director: Dr. Fani Antoniou, Assοciate Professor



The “Sustainable Project Management” Laboratory " aims to support teaching and promote research in the fields of

  • Project Management
  • Decision Making
  • Construction Cost Estimation, Budget and Cost Control
  • Quality Management
  • Public Procurement Management
  • Claim Management
  • Management of Health and Safety in Construction


The mission of the laboratory includes:

  • the development and promotion of research into modern methods and technologies for the management of design, construction, operation and maintenance of infrastructure projects with a view to sustainability and environmental protection.
  • the creation of a stable research core with the aim of excellence
  • conducting research to meet the teaching and research needs at undergraduate and postgraduate level of the Department of Environmental Engineering, other departments of the International Hellenic University and other University Departments on topics within the scope of the laboratory's activities
  • supporting the technical services of the International University in related matters.
  • the development of cooperation between members of the teaching staff of the department, other IHU departments and with other educational institutions and research centres in Greece and abroad for the accumulation of experience and know- how within research teams
  • the development of new research projects
  • the organisation of scientific lectures, workshops, seminars, symposia, conferences, and other scientific events, the invitation of Greek and foreign renowned scientists and the publication of their proccedings.
  • the provision of services to private individuals, organizations of any legal form, related public services, local authorities, other social and scientific bodies, and public utility institutions.



The Laboratory is located on the 1st floor, in the main corridor above the secretariat of the Department of Environmental Engineering. (MP1)


The laboratory has a fully equipped space including 15 work desks, chairs, work benches, PCs, projector, whiteboards and screens.


  • Schedule and budget planning software (MS Project)
  • Statistical analysis and machine learning software (MS Excel, SPSS)
  • Decision-making software (Visual PROMETHEE, Lindo)


 Research Projects and relevant publications

Α. Classifying technical, legal and procedural barriers to the energy upgrading of buildings and the use of green building materials.


  • Antoniou, , Dermetzidou, F., Mentzelou, P. and Konstantinidis D. (2022). Energy upgrading of buildings in Greece with eco-materials: An investigation of public awareness. 3rd International Conference on Environmental Design, 22-23 October 2022, Athens, Greece (Hybrid) IOP Conf. Ser.: Earth Environ. Sci. 1123 012033. 1315/1123/1/012033.

B. Managing the impact of climate change on new and existing infrastructure projects


  • Kalogeraki, and Antoniou, F. (2022). Current research trends into the effect of climate change on civil engineering infrastructures: A bibliometric review. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Volume 1123, 3rd International Conference on Environmental Design, 22-23 October 2022, Athens, Greece (Hybrid) IOP Conf. Ser.: Earth Environ. Sci. 1123 012037.

C. Development and evaluation of models for pre- estimation of infrastructure construction costs and material quantities.


  • Kovačević, M and Antoniou, F. (2023). Machine-Learning-Based Consumption Estimation of Prestressed Steel for Prestressed Concrete Bridge Construction. Buildings. 13(5):1187. SCOPUS CITATIONS = 0 (09/06/2023)
  • Antoniou, Aretoulis, G., Giannoulakis, D. and Konstantinidis, D. (2023). Cost and material quantities prediction models for the construction of underground metro stations. Buildings, 13, 382.
  • Antoniou, , Konstantinidis, D., Aretoulis, G. and Xenides, I. (2017). Preliminary construction cost estimates for motorway underpass bridges. International Journal of Construction Management,  18(4):321-330.
  • Antoniou, , Konstantinidis, D. and Aretoulis, G., (2016). Analytical formulation for early cost estimation and material consumption of road overpass bridges. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering     and          Technology, 12(7): 716-725.

D. Investigation and improvement of safety culture in Greek construction sites


  • Antoniou, F. and Agrafioti, F. (2023). Meta-analysis of studies on accident contributing factors in the Greek construction industry. Sustainability,15(3):2357
  • Antoniou, and Merkouri, M. (2021). Accident factors per construction type and stage: A synthesis of scientific research and professional experience. International Journal of Injury Control and Safety Promotion.

E. Innovative systems for planning, awarding and managing public procurement


  • Antoniou, F. and Marinelli, (2020). Proposal for the promotion of standardization of precast beams in highway concrete bridges, Frontiers in Built Environment, 6:119,
  • Marinelli, and Antoniou, F. (2019). Improving public works’ value for money: a new procurement strategy, International Journal of Managing Projects in Business.

F. Risk Management


  • Kalogeraki, and Antoniou, F. (2021). Improving risk assessment for transporting dangerous  goods   through   European   road   tunnels:   A   Delphi   study.   Systems,   9:80.

  • Antoniou, (2021). Delay risk assessment models for road projects. Systems, 9:70.

G. Application of new technologies (ΒΙΜ, Blockchain, Smart Contracts κ.α.) in construction contract claim management.

Σχετικές δημοσιεύεσεις:

  • Kalogeraki M. and Antoniou F. (2024), Claim management and dispute resolution in the construction industry: Current research trends using novel technologies,. Buildings. 14(4):967.

H. Evaluation of Evaluating the success of infrastructure projects and public authorities using multi-criteria analysis.

6.  Laboratory Staff

As of June 2024, the staff of the Laboratory includes

  • the Director of the Laboratory, Dr. Fani Antoniou, Assistant Professor, faculty member
  • • two PhD candidates, Mrs. Marianna Kalogeraki and Mr. Theofilos Mageiropoulos
  • • two postgraduate students
  • • 6 undergraduate students


The Director of the Laboratory is Guest Editor in a Special Issue of the scientific journal "Buildings- MDPI". This Special Issue aims at showcasing recent academic and industrial developments for successful and sustainable project management through the whole life cycle of construction projects.

In 2022 the staff of the laboratory participated with two papers in the 3rd International Conference on Environmental Design ICED2022, on the topics

a) exploring public awareness of the necessity, benefits and intentions for energy upgrading of buildings with eco-materials

b) a bibliometric review of current research trends on the impacts of climate change on infrastructure projects

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