Laboratory Manager: Socrates Mentekides, L.T.S.


The Geodesy Laboratory serves the educational needs of the Department on topics that fall within the scope of the Laboratory and are part of the curriculum. In particular, it applies classical and modern geodetic methods for the mapping of the Earth's surface with geodetic instruments and the use of appropriate software.

During the application of the above methods ,Outdoor Exercises are conducted on the campus of the University campus for sampling and data acquisition


The facility areas used for the needs of the laboratory include:

  1. Geodesy Laboratory,
  2. the office area,
  3. Geodetic instruments warehouse

and are located in the main corridor of the old buildings of the University Campus of the IHU in Sindos.

Laboratory & Technical Infrastructure

The laboratory equipment used in the Geodesy Laboratory for its proper operation consists of:

  1. 15 optical theodolites with their accessories,
  2. 6 Geodetic stations with their accessories,
  3. 10 optical surveyor’s level with their accessories,
  4. 2 GPSs with their accessories,
  5. 2 computers,
  6. 1 Plotter,
  7. 1 A4 colour laser printer,
  8. 1 Scanner A3,
  9. 1 projector



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